Nicole Fuller Design


Fifth Third Rebrand

2015 West Michigan ADDY Awards - Bronze Medalist

Fifth Third Bank is known for creating relationships with their customers by listening to what they need; they truly care about the people that trust them with their finances. However, their current branding is disjointed and makes them feel antiquated, corporate, and cold. This rebrand focuses on humanizing Fifth Third into a more accessible institution and accentuates the fact that they truly understand what matters most to their customers; their dreams.



EduCash Mobile App

The current public education system has many flaws, but one of the bigger issues is the lack of communication between schools and parents,particularly regarding the schools’ budget. Parents want to be involved with their children’s school, but many are unable to make it to school board meetings connected to what is happening in their school district. EduCash breaks down the budget of each school into easy-to-understand charts and graphs. This helps parents understand the school's budget and gives them the opportunity to provide feedback via discussion boards built within the app.



Nudies Nuts Packaging

Nuts are one of the most overdressed, heart-healthy snacks on store shelves. These protein powerhouses deserve to be stripped from the honey and salt coverings and let their true nutritious natures shine through. This packaging does just that; providing raw nuts as naked as the day that they were picked.



Our Way Publication

2016 West Michigan ADDY Awards - Judge's Choice Award

2016 West Michigan ADDY Awards - Gold Medalist

Being an amputee is much more than just having an obvious physical difference; it’s a way of life. As an amputee, there was a noticeable gap within the publication industry geared towards amputees. There are many publications that talk about sports and how to stay active or on the latest and greatest technology that was available, but there are none that talk about the day-to-day living. Our Way bridges that gap, and brings to the public an in-depth analysis of three different amputees and how they handle their every day challenges.